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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  May 22, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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brian williams will be here tomorrow. i'm lester holt reporting from new york. for all of us here at nbc news, good night. about 7:00 this morning, i got a phone call from my chief of operations earl pacinger, and said the words i've been waiting for seven week. he said that we had bryan's assault suspect in custody. >> an emotional reaction from the los angeles police chief today after announcing they made an arrest in the bryan stow beating case. good evening. i'm diane dwyer. we are getting more information on the arrest tonight. the los angeles police department just announced the suspect is 31-year-old giovanni ramirez of los angeles. he was booked for assault with a deadly weapon, and is being held
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on $1 million bail right now. stow is a giants fan who was attacked on opening day at dodgers stadium and was seriously injured. reporter ted chen from our nbc station in los angeles has the latest on what led to the break in the case. >> reporter: the lapd received more than 600 leads on the attack on bryan stow, but they got a key lead late last week. a probation officer led them to a suspect and an apartment in east hollywood. a nearly two-month manhunt arrived at this door sunday morning, unit 25 at this apartment complex in east hollywood. most of the residents didn't want to good on camera, but a few of them described how lapd s.w.a.t. officers surrounded the unit and commanded those inside to get out. >> i hear everybody have to go out, everybody, everybody. they said it in spanish and english. >> i was scared. i was scared. i didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: police say the man they got is suspect number one, the main aggressor in the march 31st attack at dodger stadium on giants fan bryan stow, which left stow critically hurt.
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the l.a. times reports late last week a probation officer told detectives he thought the suspect might be one of his parolees, and that led them to this apartment. >> about 7:00 this morning, i got a phone call from my chief of operations, earl pacinger. an he said the words that i've been waiting for seven weeks. he said that we had bryan's assault -- excuse me -- assault suspect in custody. it's a huge step. >> reporter: but not the last one. at this afternoon's press conference, lapd chief charlie beck said at least two suspects are still at large, another man who allegedly attacked stow and his friends, and a woman who drove the getaway car. >> buzz of that, i am not going to give you some information that you want. i'm not going to give you the anymore of the individual that we've arrested, and i'm not going to give you a bunch of the facts that are relevant to that arrest, that led to that arrest. >> reporter: detectives returned to the complex later in the day and examined this black honda. the lapd says it also impounded a white car connected to the suspect. the getaway car was described as white with a 10-year-old boy
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also inside. the apartment manager said the suspect had lived there for only a short time with four other adults. residents we spoke with say they barely knew him. >> yeah, he is nice. he is nice. just i explain it to you, when i come, he say hi, hello. i say hi. that's it. >> reporter: residents describe the neighborhood as a notorious gang area. the lapd would not reveal if the suspect is a gang member, but there was a plea for other suspects to turn themselves in. >> make your life less complicated. turn yourself in. save awes lot of grief. and let's end this. >> reporter: dodgers owner frank mccourt released a statement saying the organization's thoughts are with bryan stow and his families and he hopes the arrest provides a measure of relief. he also said the dodgers is committed to making it the safest venues in the united states. >> the story has captured the attention of much of the nation
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and certainly nowhere more than here in the bay area. the idea of a fan being attacked simply because of the team he supports scared a will have lot of people. elise kirschner joins us from where fans are reacting to the news of the arrest. hello. >> reporter: since the brutal attack two months ago, there has been an outpouring of support from fans and from the combine giants organization. as you can imagine, with one person in custody, everyone here is just relieved. hundreds came out to watch the giants take on the oakland a's this afternoon. and we spoke to several fans. every single person we stopped knew exactly what happened to bryan stow. we broke the news that one person in the beating of the giants fan is now in custody after a series of early morning raids. here is how they reacted. >> oh, i'm just glad that they caught them. that's horrible. you wouldn't expect that, especially at something like a family event that you take your kids to. >> i think every time we go to l.a., you think twice about walking around.
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and maybe rooting for the giants maybe a little quieter. i don't know. >> i just think that that's incredible. and i think to be able to find somebody and serve justice for something like this, an innocent bystanding fan that is just enjoying the game, that's huge. this is a good day. >> i'm sure his family is relieved, and i'm sure a lot of people tonight are going to be happy at the fact that they did make an arrest. >> reporter: and again, news of the attack led to an outpouring of support for stow and his family. awards for information leading to an arrest reached around $200,000 this month. the father of two is now being treated at san francisco general hospital. he is still in a coma, but is showing signs of recovery. his parents say he faces more than a year of physical and mental rehabilitation, and reportedly, lapd called stow's sister this morning, informing the family that they had search warrants. as you can imagine, they were absolutely ecstatic. live in san francisco, elise kirschner, nbc bay area news. >> all right, thank you, elise.
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giants management also spoke out about the arrest. laurence scott joins us with that part. >> reporter: thank you. with the giants wrapping up their series, this news became a central theme at the ballpark today. we spoke with larry bear and bruce bochy. >> there has been a cloud over the organization and the family. we've been in touch with the family. and a lot of courage and incredible outpouring, to the extent that there is an arrest that can help apprehend and bring to justice the perpetrators. obviously that's something that is something meaningful to the organization and meaningful, most importantly meaningful to the family and friends of bryan. >> it's been hard on the family. for them to continue to work as hard as they have been, i'm talking about the police department and a suspect in hand
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that is great news. >> a serious tone during the series finale between the giants and a's. we'll have more on today's gym at china basin coming up in sports in just a bit. >> all right, thank you, laurence. again, after the presence conference with los angeles police this afternoon, police did release the name of the suspect. he is 31-year-old giovanni ramirez. we'll have more on the developing story tonight at 11:00. contra costa county sheriff's deputies are searching for a baby right now who reportedly disappeared overnight. the mother of 4-month-old ramy gallegos last says she saw the baby in her crib last night in their town of knightseig whht she went to check on her this morning she told police the baby was gone. knightsen is about ten miles east of antioch. police are using a helicopter and polic dogs to help with the search. the baby was dressed in a pink, green, and blueol one-piece sleeper. we have a reporter on the way to the scene, and we'll have more on this story tonight at 11:00 as well. also in the east bay, three people are in the hospital with
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critical burns after an explosion of fire at an apartment building in livermore. it happened yesterday afternoon not far from livermore high school. and investigators say they think it was deliberately set. two men and one woman, all in their 20s and 30s, were airlifted to burn units in san jose and sacramento. we're told they're all in critical condition. it's not clear what sparked the explosion, but people who live nearby told police that it rattled their windows and rumbled their floors. >> i was sitting in my room on my computer. and i felt the first wave of the shock of the explosion go through the window, it rattled everything. and then like screaming. >> the fire damaged three of the five units in the apartment building. officials say the cause of the explosion and fire is suspicious. gay rights activist celebrated harvey milk day today on what would have been milk's 81st birthday. and in honor of milk, supporters opened a suicide prognosis call
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center for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered youth in san francisco. mark leno was there for the ceremony. the harvey milk call is at the camera store where harvey milk based his campaign in the 1970s. it was there that he took phone calls from the lbjt youth looking for help. >> and young people across this country are nine times more likely to attempt suicide if they come from an unaccepting home or environment. so until that is cured, until that is not the case anymore we have to have things. >> harvey milk was shot and killed along with mayor george moscone at city hall in 1978. a project raised the funds for the new crisis center. and still ahead at 6:00, lessons learned on the foreclosure front. how to fight the banks and keep your home, even when all seems lost. and more twisters in the midwest, but this time a big city was right in the path the e struction. de
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at least four tornadoes have hit minnesota, causing widespread damage in the twin cities area and killing one person. the storms tore off roofs, downed trees and scattered debris for miles. one of those tornadoes hit the city of minneapolis early this afternoon. scratch another big name for the 2012 republican nomination for president. but as nbc bay area's brian mooar shows us, the announcement comes as a few other high profile candidates are likely jumping in. >> reporter: indiana governor mitch daniels was the man many gop insiders have been buzzing about. but he ended the suspense. he is not running for president. he told supporters, quote, our family constitution gives a veto to the women's caucus, and there is no override provision. that is a big disappointment for the tea party.
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>> now obviously we have to start looking, and i was just saying this morning it's time to start drafting paul ryan. >> reporter: congressman paul ryan, the house budget architect says no thanks. >> i want to stay focused on where we are right now, and that is getting our fiscal house in order. >> reporter: well, a few have bowed out, plenty more are ready to jump in. tim pawlenty is expected to announce this week. food executive herman cain is already running and so is newt gingrich who spent the past week apologizing for pooh-poohing paul ryan's budget plan. >> i probably used unfortunate language about social engineering. but my problem was really a larger one. >> reporter: and there are still plenty of republicans weighing a run. mitt romney and sarah palin, social conservative michele bachmann, and fiscal conservative jon huntsman. a race for the white house that is still wide open. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. the foreclosure crisis is far from over.
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and coming up, tips from people who have been through it. how homeowners are fighting back against banks and keeping their homes. and a look outside shows you gusty winds outside, west to 22 into oakland and west at 38. in san francisco we'll talk chances of showeouions and chances of showers in your workweek forecast, when we come right back. rs
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so i went for a bicycle ride today and it was a little windy out there, rob. the sun was out, which was nice. but battling the wind. >> it was pretty gusty, especially some of the east bay hills. we had gusts getting close to 35 miles per hour. it really kept the temperatures down. lots of 60s around.
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hayward, downtown san jose. a couple of exceptions, alma din valley. you get up to napa and fairfield and concord. low 70s today. by and large, if you like the temperatures you had today, you're really going to like the seven-day forecast. right now we have windy conditions around the bay area. topped out by that west wind at 38 miles per hour in san francisco. between now and 8:00 and 9:00 tonight, we will continue to see these very gusty winds, which were blasting all the way into solano county and through the altamont pass for this sunday evening. we have thundershowers firing off to the north, mainly north of chico. they should stay off to the north for tonight. our best chance of seeing showers probably will start to roll in come wednesday in the week ahead. so the tale of two weeks. the week ahead is going to have this dip in the jet stream. it's been the story of our may so far. guess it's going to keep things fairly cool. and by the middle part of the week, lead to even cooler temperatures, and probably a chance of seeing a little bit of rain come wednesday. by thursday and friday, we're going to stay cool. as we jump ahead, i hopefully
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will be talking about this come next weekend as we head into june. should see high pressure finally build in. if you're looking for warmer temperatures, june 2nd or 3rd looks to be the closest we'll see the 80s coming back. morning mist and drizzle at times for tomorrow morning. probably tuesday morning as well. then you see the storm dropping in on wednesday and thursday. mainly a wednesday event, and not a big storm at that. it's likely going to wet the ground as we go through you're wednesday daytime commute. and then things turn a little nice towards thursday and friday. not warming up as much as we had hoped. 40s and 50s tonight. gusty early. highs generally like today. 60s to low 70s inland. locations still down, about 5 to 10 degrees from where we should be for this time of year. you'll see temperatures again close to 60 in san francisco. with some morning mists around the peninsula commute. and as we head towards the east bay, trivalley should still see some 70s out there. same as you get up to santa rosa and sonoma for your monday afternoons. so your seven-day forecast.
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adjusted now to include those chances of a little midweek rain. and if that high not building back strongly enough, as we head towards next weekend, cooling again. >> no! >> it's not like you haven't heard this before. >> no, don't say it! >> but the 14-day forecast starting to look better. there is light at the end of the tunnel, but it's june. >> thank you, rob. coming up next, winning the atreclosure fight. tips on how to keep your home, evan when the bank says time's up.
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facing foreclosure eviction in the current economy is something many americans know all too well. but some homeowners are fighting back and winning. the story from our nbc station in los angeles. >> all of the sudden it's gone. >> reporter: merill and laverne chandler are in their 70s. this is where they have lived for the last 13 years.
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>> our plan was to retire six, seven years ago. >> reporter: they found a town newly built on the outskirts of where they met, salt lake city, utah. within three years, though. >> things changed. >> we couldn't make the payments anymore. >> reporter: their story has a happy ending, though. they fought the bank and they won. >> there really is an awesome, awesome win. >> reporter: merill chandler jr., their own son, helped them do it. because of what they went through, he started nafta, the national association of foreclosure defense advocates. when home prices peaked in 2006, it was the same time the adjustable rate mortgages came due. >> what is happening in southern california people who could afford a legitimate payment for the home they bought are being reset to higher payments, and they can't afford those payments anymore. >> reporter: nafta helped merill and laverne realize their mortgage was securitized. that means the bank sold the deed to a larger investment bank which sold to it a trustee firm which sold it somewhere else and so on and so on.
6:22 pm
finding that loophole in the own, claiming no one could claim true ownership of the deed saved them. >> we were shocked to hear we were in foreclosure. >> reporter: this couple fell into default last november. they don't want to show their identities for fear their children will find out. they should be out of their house now, but because they have a lawsuit pending, they can stay. the memory they'll fight to forget is when the default notice appeared on the front door. >> and they border it in bright blue tape so the kids can't miss it. the neighbors can't miss it. what they try to do is humiliate you. >> reporter: and kit be intimidating. this family saying they remember seeing people taking photo of the house with the kids playing in the front yard. and it could be scary. thousands of our neighbors are going through this. loan modification forums have brought out tens of thousands over the last two years. for most, loan mods won't work. but what banks don't want you to know is this. >> we can fight this. >> reporter: merill and laverne took their son's advice.
6:23 pm
>> we were very fortunate, because the judge saw that the securitization process occurred and he wasn't aware of actually who the owner of the debt was. >> reporter: in a summary judgment, the house became what is called a permanent possession for the chandlers. >> basically, it tells us that we can possess the property, but we don't own it. >> reporter: does that work for you? >> well, at this point, yeah. >> again, that was john katis-clemak reporting. the sharks are in kind of deep water. >> yes, they dug themselves a really deep hole at this point if they want to play for a stanley cup. and what do you do? you have to be flawless from here on out. we go into the shocking turn of events that came in the middle of today's game, and we hear from the sharks as they try to regroup. meanwhile, the giants and a's wrapping up the latest bay series. back in moments. sizzler's fall-off-the-bone ribs are slow-cooked
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with cattlemen's barbecue sauce. get a half-rack with sweet potato fries and corn bread. plus, add our incredible endless salad bar. sizzler.
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and now the xfinity sports desk on nbc bay area news. >> all right. good evening. the mission is now crystal clear for sharks for a chance to play for the stanley cup, they can not lose another game to vancouver. what happened today basically unfathomable. it was intense and electric at high noon for the cheers of the scattered canucks fans. started to gradually overtake the enthusiasm of the sharks fans at the tank. vancouver doing everything they could to give the sharks the first goal of the game. on the one-man advantage, the sharks couldn't take it. it was into the second period where san jose was 0 for 5 on the power play before vancouver got each one power play chance. when they did, it was a five-on-three opportunity. ryan kesler doing it midway through the second period.
6:26 pm
san jose with four penalties in a row, creating three consecutive five-on-three power play goals, all of them in a span of under two minutes. easily the worst two minutes of hockey to watch in sharks history. sami salo getting the second and third goals. ryan clough cutting the canucks lead in half, but the sharks lose, 4-2. they'll head back to vancouver for game five tuesday. from here on out, they are all elimination games. >> you have to be sharp. and we weren't. and it was -- it was as simple as that. and as you start rolling, you get more and more frustrated. you start to press a little bit, and it snowballs, and it gets worse and worse. i can't sit here and whine and pitch about the officiating. i had absolutely nothing to do with it. it was the team in the white that created that mess. >> as quick as that, scored it seemed like bang, bang, bang.
6:27 pm
i didn't even know if we were in the box for 20 seconds and three not too many men on the ice. you know, i almost say at that stage, it's just impossible to kill them off. >> all right, comprehensive coverage of every bay area team is on sportsnet central and comcast bay area. a full 30 minutes of coverage including exclusive sharks analysis. go deep every night at 10:30. and also tonight on "sports sunday," sports broadcaster drew will join us to break things down. year to year, some of the best interleague series of play. this time around the giants with a chance to sweep the a's. the giants wanted to get an early jump on oakland during a beautiful day at china basin. this is the first run, and rbi double scoring andres torres. the giants added another run in the third before jonathan
6:28 pm
sanchez give up his only run of the day. top six, josh willingham with a solo shot. his team-leading seventh home run of the season. the lead is cut in half. then the giants bull pen took to yielding three more runs in the seventh and eighth. top seven, derek barton caps a two-run ining for the a's bringing home coco crisp. 4-2 oakland, and bottom 8, some fireworks. before long, we were going to extra innings. and with the speedy darrin ford on second, emanuel burris back up from aaa fresno. he is stepping up against brian fuentes in the drive to right. creating a play at the plate. ford, speeding along, he crosses. kurt suzuki can't hold on. the giants sweep the a's with a 5-4 win in 11, their seventh walkoff victory of a game. >> what an ending for the giants. not so much for the sports. >> we will try to put it in some perspective tonight on pore
6:29 pm
spor. >> thanks for choosing the bay area at 6:00. and wine country is coming up next. more on the arrest in the bryan stow case. until then, have a good night. and now another viewpoint, response to an nbc bay area editorial. >> our latest editorial states as our public schools face threats of more budget cuts, they need more local control. assembly bill 18 would put the spending control in the hands of the legislators, not the educators. charisma hone any applauds the bill and adds school districts like sausalito spend upwards of 30 thousand dollars per student while only 45 minutes away in redwood city, they're lucky to spend 5200 per student. rory equates the state of today's classroom to a dollar store with totally trashed desks. and christy adds it's time for sacramento to step


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